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10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes
Every bride wants a fairytale wedding. Therefore, this article is to try and minimize problems that may occur during a wedding reception. Listed below are the more common mistakes made by brides and grooms during your wedding reception. We will tell you what to do!Don't leave e...(related: Marriage Wedding)

10 Ideas For Perfect Wedding Gifts
Wedding ceremonies are the stuff fairy tales are made of. Marriages are made in heaven, it is said. Keeping this age-old adage in mind, a heavenly atmosphere is created at the wedding venue. Aromatic smells fill the air. Guests decked in their Sunday best walk the red carpet with wedding gifts in tow. Giving gifts on the wedding day is part of the ceremony. A gift symbolizes the good...(related: Marriage Wedding)

10 Secrets To A Successful Stress-free Wedding
Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day in a your life, and yet for many, just getting there in one piece is harder than fitting stilettos on an elephant. Why is it so difficult? The biggest problem is stress and how the interplay of all the different participants at your wedding adds or subtract from that stress. Here are some wedding ideas to have a truly successful and happy wedding.Scientists use the term HOMEOSTASIS (homeo = the same; stasis = standing) to define the physiological limits within which the body functions efficiently and comfortably. Stress disturbs homeostasis by creating a state of imbalance. The Lord know...(related: Marriage Wedding)

10 Valentines Day Tips For Spouses Who Want To Improve Their Marriage
The best and most valuable gifts are often not material ones. While many spouses focus on Valentine's Day gifts such as jewelry or candy, spouses who are willing to invest the time and ener...(related: Marriage Wedding)

11 Things To Remember In Planning Your Wedding
Every woman dreams of her own wedding. May it be a small gathering in a picturesque orchard, a grand ball in a gigantic castle or a funky wedding along the coastline, she wants it planned and tailored to her wishes. Planning your wedding would take time, effort and energy but it's worth it. For brides out there, here are some things you can't forget to look into.1. PaymentsOf course, planning your wedding will need sufficient amount of cash. Establish who pays for what. This is usually worked out between the couple and their famili...(related: Marriage Wedding)

2005 Mother Of Bride Dress
A 2005 mother of bride dress tends to have a different look and feel to it than did mother of the bride dresses in the past. That's because today's mother of the bride tends to be a different sort of woman, having come of age in a different culture than the typical mother of the bride from eras gone by. Today's mother of the bride dress is as far from matronly as is the mother of the bride herself.For today's woman, a 2005 mother of bride dress needs to carry with it the sense of a woman at the prim...(related: Marriage Wedding)

28 Things That Really Do Matter In Marriage (short Shots On Living An Exceptional Life)
In my opinion, these things matter...1. Valuing commitment over instant pleasure and faithfulnessbeyond short term displeasure.2. Telling less than I feel for the purpose of learningmore than I know.3. Choosing to have mutual conflict become the playingfield where we celebrate victory as opposed to the battlefield where the only winners are division and discord.4. Delighting in the dream of another -- not necessarilybecause I share the dream but because I'm in love with theone who owns it.5. Appreciating what I do well in the face of what...(related: Marriage Wedding)

3 Easy Steps To Buying The Right Engagement Ring
You've made the plunge, you've decided to get married. Congratulations!Don't think about it now, but there are many things you need to think about before the big wedding...(related: Marriage Wedding)

3 Emerging Trends In Custom Invitations
There is an overwhelming demand for high quality, custom stationery that really reflects the bridal couple's style, personality, and wedding. It doesn't stop at the wedding invitation set anymore! It seems every modern bridal couple is opting to have their entire stationery ensemble done by a custom invitation house. As weddings become more sophisticated, the need for chic stationery quickly evolves into a necessity.Here's what I mean: We'll often start at the engagement party invitations stage and later carry the style variations onto the Save-The-Date cards stage. Next, we do the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding invitations, ceremony programs, place cards and finally the 'thank you cards'. Couples carry the consistency in design by inserting &...(related: Marriage Wedding)

3 Steps To Marrying The Right Person
Marrying for love, financial security and/or companionship does not guarantee long lasting happiness. While legitimate reasons for entering into a marriage, they can blind a person to the signs of a doomed relationship.Currently, more than 40 million people aged 20-49 are divorced or separated according to the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Social and Economic Supplement. Luckily, there are 41 million people who still have time to reduce their odds of becoming a statistic.Here are three steps to help you eliminate incompatible dates and bring yourself closer to marriage.1. First, write down 20 things that you strongly believe.For example, do you strongly believe that:

  • One person should remain in the home with the children
  • Household bills should be evenly split or men should...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    5 Tips To Keep Marital Bliss Alive After You Retire!
    Let's face it retirement is a time of great transition for spouses. Ample free time and drastic lifestyle changes can be a burden or a blessing for your marriage. Regardless of whether one or both spouses retire, the secret to a smooth transition is planning before you retire. For example, if one or both of you have been task-driven individuals with their own careers, a 7/24 marriage may not be to your liking. Retiring couples who have lived independent and relatively separate lives may become frustrated and bored being joined at the hip. Others may rejoice in spending more time with each other. The most important step to take prior to retiring is:1. PLA...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    5 Tips To Select The Best Wedding Reception Location
    Being disc jockeys, we get the opportunity to evaluate many reception facilities while having little or no bias to "sell" one location over another. Most Brides and Grooms know where they will be holding the ceremony before they decide where to have the reception, so we have compiled five observations that can help you when selecting your venue.Distance - If people have to drive a long way to get from the ceremony to the reception, some will get distracted or decide to do something else. Try to keep the reception within a 15 to 30 minute drive of your ceremony. If it is not possible to get a reception hall close to y...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
    A 50th anniversary gift commemorates a milestone most married couples wish to reach. What can you possibly give a couple after 50 years of marriage? The most meaningful wedding anniversary gift is one that comes from the heart: to express your love and appreciation towards all that they mean to you, how their staying married through the thick and thin of life has influenced you, to tell about the warm and loving memories you shared with them throughout the years.The 50th anniversary is commemorated by gold and t...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    6 Ways To Save Money On Wedding Invitations
    Inviting your possible guests on your wedding day can be costly. You have to give them traditional wedding cards to inform them of the date and venue, and possibly those cards are made of elegant or high quality papers and other materials that might cost a lot. If your goal is to save money, then you should think of cost ? effective alternatives to send out cards to your guests. Here are some tips.1. Make a list of possible guests first. Invite only your closest friends and relatives so you'l...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    7 Stupid Wedding Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make
    "What in the world could they have been thinking?"Definitely words you DON'T want to hear your guests uttering at your wedding. But despite your best intentions, sometimes things slip through the cracks. Sometimes you make a really silly mistake that, if you had just stopped and thought about it for a few minutes, never would have happened.The problem is that many brides and grooms are so darn busy trying to manage everything else that's going on ? from housing out-of-town guests to dealing with last-minute cancella...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    8 Questions Brides Ask About Setting Up A Wedding Registry
    In theory, setting up a registry is simple. You decide on one or several stores, create a registry online or in person, select various items, and get the word out to your guests. In practice, things are a little more complicated -- but only a little!With that said, here's the real deal on setting up your wedding registry and getting the word out without offending your guests. Remember that retailers can be an enormous help to both you and your guests. At the same time, you can't take everything they say at face value.Q: Where should I register?A: Chances are, if you're getting married in your own town, you already know where "everyone goes" to set up and...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Butterfly Release; Alternatives To Throwing Rice
    Brides are looking for different ways to make their wedding different and unique. The releasing of butterflies is starting to become a very popular alternative to throwing rice. They are environmentally friendly and beautiful also. As the butterflies fly around and even land on guests, you will see the delight and excitement on their faces. They will leave talking about the release and some may even be walking out with a butterfly on their shoulder.When ordering butterflies, you want to make sure that they come from a reputable butterfly farmer. You do not want to try to save money and order "grow your own" butterfly kits. There are many things that can go wrong and you don't want to be...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Call For International Marriage Laws
    I recently watched a CNN programme which centred on "kidnapped daughters" (from multicultural marriages) who w...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Guide To Wedding Invitations
    The wedding date and time has been set, the location for the special event has been finalized, and the decision for the wedding theme ? traditional and formal or fun and casual ? has been made. Now it's time to take the next step and create wedding invitations that reflect the celebration you've planned and provide the information needed for friends and family to have a pleasant experience as wedding guests.Wedding invitations are the first place your guests will actually get a sense of the wedding you've planned. Whether your budget allows for custom made invitations ranging from sophisticated to artistic or do-it-yourself creations, there are plen...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Honeymoon Like No Other
    When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination it's usually sandy beaches and blue waters here, a historical sight there, or a luxurious pampering from morning till night somewhere else.The other day, though, looking through the various web sites...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Look At Maui Wedding Cakes
    Since Maui and Hawaii in general have been blessed with the most wonderful fruits and flowers, the best cakes on the island tend to take advantage of them. There are companies on the islands that have been creating designs and recipes for wedding cakes for over 50 years. Many have received worldwide acclaim. Several, in fact, have created wedding cakes for the rich and famous for weddings not even held in Hawaii.The cakes are produced to order and then flown to their fina...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Promise Ring- More Than Just A Pre-engagement Ring
    When one thinks of a promise ring it is common to think of a small, inexpensive ring given to a woman as a promise of marriage in the future; however, this is not always the case. A promise ring has several other purposes besides being a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can be given or used for any sign of commitment. The following are some other common uses for a promise ring.A Non-Romantic Promise Between FriendsA promise ring can be given as a sign of a promise between two friends. Such a ring can be given to a special friend, to a friend who is moving far away, or even to a friend who you will not see for awhile. A friendship promise ring is very common with young girls who get matching rings that say "best friends forever." A promise ring between two friends is a way of showing ...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Summer Wedding

    THE sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop.

    For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l'Herm, a vill...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Unique Diamond Engagement Ring ? In Platinum
    Diamond engagement rings for many years typically came in the traditional form of a gold band with a solitaire diamond setting, but as wedding etiquette has evolved over the years to include the more idiosyncratic tastes of individual couples, so are there now many shapes and makes of diamond engagement ring available. An engagement ring is hopefully something that a bride will wear forever, and as such, it should encapsulate her personality, so that regardless of the shifting of fashions, it will remain something that she loves and t...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Wedding For All Seasons
    In times gone by it wasn't uncommon for young couples to consult the Tarot as to what month of the year according to the stars would be their best time to wed, this would depend on what time of year their sun or moon sign was inline with Venus the goddess of love, which I would take as a positive sign, and so on. Personally I would like to think that the longevity of a marriage would depend on the love of you and your partner and not on the date you get married.These days the factors that make us decid...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Wedding Shower Checklist
    Bridal showers are one of many pre-wedding parties and are great fun. They are known as parties with a purpose. The purpose of a shower is to assist the couple in equipping their new home or for the bride to assemble a trousseau. Not only that, but they are a good excuse for the bride to get together with her friends and family to play hilarious games and to enjoy the food and wine.Did you know that a trend has started ...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Wedding Shower Invitation Should Be Attractive And Stylish!
    Wedding shower invitations should lay out all of the necessary information, yet still be attractive. One way to do this is to have a picture engraved on the invitation. Ask your engraver to add a small design on the inside of your invitation or wherever you have information about the reception. If, for example, an ice cream social is your theme see if there is an ice cream cone or Sundae dish they can emboss onto the paper without taking away from the main body of the invitation. Remember that subtlety is stylish; you don't want to come across as overpowering with your theme.It may be difficult sometimes to know who to invite to the wedding shower. As a g...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    A Wedding Theme Can Rescue Your Wedding From Being Another Ho-hum-boring Disaster
    Are you a Bride-to-Be? Wonderful! Congratulations! But what's that enormous cloud hanging over you? Of course! It's that insurmountable task you're thinking about all the time: "How am I going to create a beautiful and memorable Wedding Day out of thin air?"You have to create a unique day that everyone will admire and enjoy, and you've not got a clue, not a smidgen of...(related: Marriage Wedding)

    Advice On Wedding Invitation Wording
    After choosing the design for your wedding invitations you can explore ways to express your relationship and wedding plans through creative wording. Some couples select a special quotation or poem; oth...(related: Marriage Wedding)

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    Invitation Anatomy 101 - Optional Components - Part 2 Of 3
    Hopefully, you've read my prerequisite lesson "Invitation Anatomy 101 ? Typical Components". If not, I would highly recommend reviewing that article first. Now that you've been introduced to the main components of the most common invitation style/format, have a read of some of the Additional or Optional items you may want to add to your invitation.Here's the breakdown of my Invitation Anatomy 101 into two lessons: Typical Components and Optional (or Additional Components). The latter I'll describe here (in no particular order): Optional (or Additional Components): 1) Reception Card
    • Often for weddings or events where the ceremony/formal event and reception are not at the same place, an additional card may be required to inform guests of the name and address of the reception hall.
    • This card ...(related: Marriage Wedding)

      Writing Your Wedding Vows The Way Poets Do
      Let's face it, not many of us have the kind of skills or experience to write truly poetic wedding vows. Or do we? Here's the truth: Even if you don't know Dylan Thomas from Bob Dylan, and you're pretty sure T.S. Elliot was that guy who wrote the words to Andrew Lloyd Weber's &quo...(related: Marriage Wedding)

      Mattresses And Marriage ? A Match Made In Heaven
      Mattresses and marriage go hand in hand. Sleep is important to all of us, even the honeymooners. A good night sleep is critical for our performance the next day and for our health and well being in general. If the couple is not used to sleeping together, there will be just the issues of getting used to sleeping with someone. You don't need the extra strain and complications of a mattress that is uncomfortable for one or both parties. My comfort in bed may not be yours. I like a soft mattress even...(related: Marriage Wedding)

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