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10 Innovative Game Features
Watch yourself struggle, sweat, collapse as you turn your video game console into a personal trainer.Here are ten ways the latest development by Eye-Toy technology is doing away with the couch-potato s...(related: Games)

$20 Buys A Lot Of Game These Days
Watching the evolution of sports games has been like watching a retarded child grow up to become a handsome and brilliant Master of the Universe. Now I'm not saying ESPN's NBA 2K5 is the pinnacle of sports gaming, but I will tell you why it comes pretty damn close - especially for all of us basketball fanatics. Before I go on, let us talk a little bit about the "Corky" Thatcher friendly games of the past.In 1958, Bill Higinbotham and ...(related: Games)

7 Simple Steps To Avoid Being A Newbie In Online Games
It doesn't matter if you are new to online roleplaying games. The road to becoming elite isn't easily traveled. Some will never reach the top of the hill, but you don't have to remain a newbie forever.

  • Learn everything there is to learn about your chosen game - Head to google or your favorite search engine and type "mymmorpg tips" or "mymmorpg strategies" (substitute mymmorpg for the mmorpg you are currently playing). Surf ...(related: Games)

    A Comparison Of The Next Generation Gaming Consoles (part 1)
    It's been about 5 years since we have seen a new video game console. By spring of next year all three major companies will have released their new systems. At this point, both Sony and Microsoft have released the full specs of their systems, while information on the nintendo revolution continues to be secretive. This article will take a look at all three systems and give a basic comparison of what we know. However, until the systems are actually released, we can only speculate on design and performance.Design and ...(related: Games)

    A Comparison Of The Next Generation Gaming Consoles (part 2)
    Arguably Microsoft can attribute a great deal of its success to the hugely successful online capabilities. The new Xbox 360 will continue with the online feature and develop it even further. Xbox 360 will offer two tiers of online function, silver and gold. With silver being a basic package for users to connect and play online, and gold offering other services such as additional downloads and content.Microsoft has also provided additional resources for their new gaming console. The Xbox 360 will have the ability to operate as a general media centre, with the ability to stream media directory from a PC running Windows Media Player, as well as other portable devices which are supported by Micr...(related: Games)

    A Look At The Sony Playstation 3
    At the recent E3 gaming Convention, Sony gave the world a first look at the new Playstation 3, Sony's contribution to the next generation gaming consoles. Much like the news surrounding the Nintendo Revolution, the Playstation 3 has been immersed in mystery and controversy for the last several years.Due sometime in spring 2006, the PlaySta...(related: Games)

    A Parents Guide To Online Gaming, Part 1
    The internet touches every aspect of your children's lives. Where you might look up an unknown word in a dictionary, your kids are more likely to use Where you use the telephone, they use instant messenger. An even greater difference can be found in how they play games. Where the games of their parent's generation may have involved a board, cards, or at their most sophis...(related: Games)

    A Parents Guide To Online Gaming, Part 2
    In part 1 we talked about online gaming and your children, including FPS games and exposure to violent content. We wrap up this week by talking about RTS games, MMORPGs and the additional threats of addiction and social predators.RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. Strategy because these games generally take a much larger perspective, casting the player as a general or commander of an army or even the leader of a civilization rather than as a single person. Real Time because the action moves forward whether the player acts or not. The alternative to Real Time is turn-based strategy, where each player moves in turn, taking what...(related: Games)

    Are You A Pc Gamer And Want The Best Out Of Your Graphics Card?
    IntroductionIn this article you will learn how to get the most out of your graphics card by installing new drivers and tweaking Windows. The guide is based around Windows XP Professional Edition but you can use the same guide to tweak other Windows operating systems.Step 1.The first thing you need to know what g...(related: Games)

    Best Of British: Gizmondo Doomed To Fail?
    The Gizmondo combined media player, phone and gaming gadget went on s...(related: Games)

    Best Space Themed Games - Part I
    Space? How much we can place where? Incredible words, unknown planets, fantastic creatures.But now I want to tell you about some space themed computer shareware games, and want you to play it - I choose only best 19 games from about 200!Here you can find 10 shooters with each of it's own unique gameplay, 5 puzzles,...(related: Games)

    Blast From The Past - Retro Games Are Hot Again
    Miss the brainlessly simple and extremely addictive games from the 80s? Find out which game developers feel the same. Dozens of teams are creating new games based on the old classics. Here are just a few of them.Bugatro Gold Gold is a well-designed space-shooter game borrows ideas from classics such as Galaga. In Bugatron, you must eradicate the evil alien insects, which swoop and dive at you...(related: Games)

    Classic Fragfest: Quake Iii Arena
    As graphics technology improves in leaps and bounds for the next pc generation, more and more gamers expect, and more or less demand, new and innovating concepts to blow their mind. However, there are some games out there that simply stand the test of time for pure entertainment.One of these games is Quake III Arena from ID Software.This game still remains, after half a decade, as one of those games that never seems to fade in ...(related: Games)

    Cloud Laser Art
    A new art form in the future will be CLA. Cloud Laser Art. People can go to a place where there are laser units, sit out side in a small shielded area and draw on the clouds. It would be fu...(related: Games)

    Codename Revolution - Nintendos Next Generation Gaming System
    Over the past year or so plenty of hype, mystery and controversy has been raised over the new Nintendo Console. Systems like the Xbox have taken the lead in gaming with offering capabilities such as online multiplayer. When Nintendo showed off their new system at the E3 Expo they showed gamers that they truly intend to revolutionize the video game community once again. But until Nintendo "officially"...(related: Games)

    Computer Game On Mars; Design For Communication Device
    Powering up hand held wireless devices in the field for Business Uses, Educational Issues, Monitoring Sensors for Security Purposes or Blue Force Tracking for military troops in the field for net-centric warfare is possible even in the most remote locations can be possible using simple principles which will pr...(related: Games)

    Computer Traumas
    It has happened! Computer games have started to control my life on and off the screen. No complicated games like Age of Empires, just the simple one of Tetris. You know the one, where different shaped and colored bricks fall out of the sky and you have to arrange them in nice lines at the bottom? Hopefully with the end result of all colors matching in straight lines so that they can be removed and point gained.Crazy really, it first happened many years ago when I had this stupid bet that I could get more points than the next guy. What that really means is that, "I am going to be up all night playing this game and will be totally incapable of staying awake in the office tomorrow, unless of course I play the game in the office as well". That's what c...(related: Games)

    Counter Strike, The Beginner Of Broad Band Pc Gaming
    This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all. Every one these days like playing games and some of them love it. Well few years ago PC gaming was not so advance and usually was single user based and if any one wanted to play with any other player then one must have an extra input or any compatible playing device .An era of new technology began after the entrance of Network gaming or Multiplayer gaming which revolutionized the PC gaming world.The term of multiplayer gaming was that from now on if a person wants to play a certain game with any other person the he can easily connect to the other person's computer using...(related: Games)

    Create Computer Games - Get Started On Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds
    I've always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend's computer in the afternoon after elementary school. Ther...(related: Games)

    Directional Afterburners For Tighter Turns, Vertical Flight And Agility
    Directional Thrusters can increase the maneuverability of just about any modern j...(related: Games)

    Downloadable Game Review: Diner Dash Editor's Rating: 8.0StorylineDiner Dash brings us the story of Flo, an office lackey fed up with the monotonous, unchanging pressures of everyday life and work in the big city. Thus she hucks everything out the window and runs off t...(related: Games)

    Drawing Hand Held Surface To Air Missile Fire At Night Using Uavs
    One of the easiest ways to draw shoulder launched missiles at night is to fly UAVs very close and use the simulated sound of an Apache Attach Helicopter, Howling of a jet fighter or a few UAVs flying together...(related: Games)

    Evolution Of Gaming : Graphics Vs Gameplay
    If you are old enough to remember the early days of computer gaming you know there were a lot of great games that were fun because of the exceptional gameplay and not just the graphics. Gaming started to become a little more popular in the 90s once people started buying computers. In the early 90s games like Maniac Mansion, X-com 1, and Civilization were extremely hot because of their addictive unique gameplay. Today gaming is mainstream and marketed towards a mass audience. In order to market to everyon...(related: Games)

    Flying An Mav Through Fan Blades To Attain Target
    Flying an MAV Through Rotating Fan Blades - It maybe possible to write into the software code of a MAVs Optic Flow Sensor Network an algorithm, which would allow it to fly though a rotating set of fan blades. Now then as difficult as this may sound the idea might not be as complicated as you think. Why is this ...(related: Games)

    Free Games For Your Pocket Pc
    Admit It-You're Often BoredA pocket pc has about a million uses. But one of the most popular uses of a pocket pc is to play games on it. Nearly everyone plays games on their pda, whether they will admit it or not. Of course, die-hard game enthusiasts prefer full versions of pocket pc games. A definite added bonus is if these full versions pocket pc games are...(related: Games)

    Free Pocket Pc Casino Game
    Casino Gambling Wherever You LikeAre you absolutely crazy about pocket pc gaming? One of the very best things about pocket pc casino games is that nearly all of them are free games. There is a free pocket pc casino game everywhere you look on the Internet. The downloads are simple, and the sites support a variety of devices, so no matter what kind of palm pilot, pda or ipaq you have, you can gamble your time and money away whenever you want to.Freeware si...(related: Games)

    Full Version Pocket Pc Games For Free
    Play Games InsteadDo you like your full version pocket pc games free? Most people do. The world of freeware downloads for your pda or pocket pc is wide and varied. No matter what kind of games you prefer, you can find them online in full version form. RPG, sports, gambling, actio...(related: Games)

    Games To Encourage Thinking Skills
    There is no doubt about it, using computer games is a great way to encourage children to expand their realm of thinking. Your options for entertaining your child may seem numbered. Many people allow their children to spend quite a bit of time in front of the television. But, what good does that do? If you want them to learn something while they are zoned out, you are completely lost. But, if you flip on the computer, download a great game, you may actually be able to encourage them to ...(related: Games)

    Go Digital And Groovy... And Save Trees!

    Have you inherited your Dad's trading card collection - ie.  pieces of printed cardboard that come with a piece of gum that looks like it tastes like cardboard too? Well today's trading cards have evolved to include, wait for it... (cue bells and whistles), holograms and foil..! Wow, riveting isn't it. And the corporates complain that there has been a decline in demand..?

    So if you are a groovy member of Generation Y who cares about your sports, are used to being stimulated on all levels and demand decent, multi-dimensional content, (ie. you like your MTV, Gameboy, PS...(related: Games)

    Great Games Youve Never Played
    Do you know what you're missing?Some of the best computer games ever made are likely games you've never heard of. Created by individuals and small companies working in relative obscur...(related: Games)

    Guns Dont Kill People - Videogames Do!
    "Ban these evil games", "Videogame violence cor...(related: Games)

    Halo 2 Multiplayer Tips For Beginners And Advanced Players
    Here are some general tips from an advanced player for all of you who are looking for an edge in this game...(related: Games)

    How To Save Time, Energy, And Money By Renting Your Dvds And Games Online
    As a bit of a movie buff I recently discovered that the best way to rent movies and games these days is online using one of the Online DVD and Game Rental Services.If you're into renting movies or games these services simply can't be beat for ...(related: Games)

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    Uav Swarm Reconfiguration For Computer War Games
    The modern battlespace is changing in the real world and in the v...(related: Games)

    How To Save Time, Energy, And Money By Renting Your Dvds And Games Online
    As a bit of a movie buff I recently discovered that the best way to rent movies and games these days is online using one of the Online DVD and Game Rental Services.If you're into renting movies or games these services simply can't be beat for ...(related: Games)

    Uav Swarm Reconfiguration For Computer War Games
    The modern battlespace is changing in the real world and in the v...(related: Games)

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