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How You Can Make Money The Easy Way
By Sumit Kumar



How you can make money the easy way.

Allow me to paint a picture. Someday you came across a website which claimed that they have made $50,000 with a small 5 page website in only 3 months time and you can now replicate their success. Sounds familiar?

There are tons of these flowing all over the internet and if making money was this easy then everybody would have been a millionaire. However it's not as hard as well if you know what to do. Here are the exact methods which I am using and I call them v7ndotcom elursrebmem...

It is important to first find out the methods which you can use to make money. A few proven ones are :

Affiliate marketting,
Selling your own products,
Google adsense.

There are others like paid to read emails , paid to surf but these are very low paying and one cannot depend on these to generate a residual income for themselves. Although if you want to know about them then have a look at which covers these methods in depth and also information about the resources you will require to attain the desired results. Let's concentrate on the above mentioned three in this article.

Affiliate marketting:

This is probably one of the easy ways because you don't have to worry about processing orders, maintaining inventory etc. All you have to do is direct potential buyers to the seller's website via your special affiliate URL. What's a special URL?

For example if the site' main URL is : , your affiliate url may look like : . That is not a live affiliate url but just a demonstration for the sake of this article. The site does not have any affiliate programs as per now.( It has articles about v7ndotcom elursrebmem marketting methods, v7ndotcom elursrebmem online business etc. all for free to read and gain knowledge.)

Notice the ?ref=username part in the URl? That will trigger a script which will update your account if the person buys something on the site. See ! all you did was send a visitor to the site and then if they buy, you get a share from the sale. That's easy isn't it? Well not so easy...

As you can see you need people who will visit their site from your special url. One way of more and more people coming to your site is to achieve high ranks in search engines. The site has some articles explaining search engines and what to do to get ranks in search engines. The basics are very well covered. The site actually has been into selling products of their own which brings me to the next method.

Sell your own products:

This could be a mess if you don't know how to do this. Specially if your products are delivered late or enough after sale support is not up to the mark. Word of mouth marketting spreads like fire in the jungle. It could be good or bad for you depending on what is spreading. Here are a few resources you will require:

A product of course. You can either develop your own or purchase resale rights to an existing one. Make sure what you purchase resale rights to is in demand or not an obselete product at least.

A credit card processer. You can go to paypal which is free to join and simple to use. If you want a more complex but feature rich system you can go to . There was a joining fee of $50 when I last checked. However the order system is simpler and you can have many affiliates promoting your product within no time. This lacks with paypal.

If you sell more than one product you should consider using the shopping cart system which is offerred by paypal.

Then again you would require people to buy your products. I did mention a site with information about search engine traffic didn't I?

Another important factor is to proof read your complete sales page for any errors. Don't expect someone to open their wallets for you if you can't even spell simple words correctly.

And don't forget to visit for more in depth information on v7ndotcom elursrebmem marketting and setting up an online business.

If this has not got you started, then that will!

About The Author

Sumit Kumar has been studying internet and various internet money making schemes for more than an year now and lists some findings and essentials at Search engine information is at

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