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Exposing New Hip Hop Music Through Mixtapes
Hip Hop Mixtapes are an excellent source of exposure for many up and coming artists. in some cases they can make the difference between super-stardom and obscurity. Good Mixtapes have the...read more

Hip Hop Pendants, A Must Have In The Hip Hop Jewelry Collection
Hip hop pendants are one of the core pieces of jewelry in the hip hop jewels. These pendants can represent just about any aspect of hip hop that the customer wants them to wear. And, because they...read more

Hip Hop Radio Stations, The Source To Know
Sure, you can listen to hip hop radio stations to hear all the hip hop music that you want, but this is also the perfect location for much more including interviews, information about artists, and...read more







50 Cent, A Biography About The Man

A Brief History of Hip Hop Fashion

A G Unit Biography

Do You Have Spinning Watches, Yet?


Exposing New Hip Hop Music Through Mixtapes

Getting Hip Hop News

Hip hop Clothing Lines

Hip Hop Clothing - The New Popular Fashion Style

Hip Hop Fashion, A Very Fast Growing Field Of Fashion

Hip Hop Jewelry, A Little Bling Bling

Hip-hop Jewelry and Today's Stars

Hip-Hop Love Stories and the Construction of Socially Acceptable Urban Identities

Hip Hop Magazines, Read About It, Now!

Hip Hop Message Forums, Talk About It

Hip Hop Mixtapes, If You Don't Have Them, You're Left Out

Hip Hop Music continues to rules the music charts

Hip Hop Music Videos Meet The Film Festival Circuit

Hip Hop Pendants, A Must Have In The Hip Hop Jewelry Collection

Hip Hop Radio Stations, The Source To Know

Hip Hop Record Labels, The Job The Fame

Hip Hop Ringtones, Yes, You Can Have Them

Hip Hop Slang, Knowing What It's All About

How Hip Hop Started

How To Choose The Right Hip Hop Gear

How to Dress: Hip Hop Clothes!

Iíll choose rap over hip hop any day: Rap lyrics keep it real

Iced Out Watches: The Fad Of Diamonds

LED Buckles: Getting A Grip On What's Out There

Michael Phelps and Internal Music

Music History - Hip Hop, Rap, R&B

Online Poetry Community Begins Topic Slam Competitions

ONO fuses classical music and rap in a unique and powerful blend

Organic Hip Hop For the Positive

Sampling vs. Not Sampling: Originality in Hip-Hop

Spinning Belt Buckles, The Finishing Touches

Spinning Rims, Hip Hop Jewelry At Its Best

Thalisha, La Princesa of Reggaeton N'B Remakes Mary J. Blige's Real Love

The Effect of Wearing Hip Hop Clothes

The G Unit Clothing Line, Look As You Should

The Golden Boy Of Hip Hop

The Hustle Heads Take Hip-Hop Back To The Future With CD Duky Dope Demo

"Things Just Ain't the Same": Hip-Hop's Reconstruction of the Gangster Rap Identity




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